A Journey to the Heart- Live Music Yoga Retreat

This eight-day live music and yoga retreat is open to anyone, join us to connect to your own hearts while uniting with a community of like-minded humans. 

Students will explore and embody different concepts such as intention, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness and non-judgment to create a more intimate relationship with themselves. Each day will be an opportunity to contemplate and discuss these themes through journaling, meditation, vinyasa and yin yoga, pranayama and yoga nidra.  DJ Artisan Jones will provide live music for each class along with a nighttime dance party. There will also be plenty of time to relax by the ocean or pool and enjoy surfing, sailing, watching turtles, ziplining and eating delicious local food in the tree top restaurant.

This week long practice of self-love is designed to leave you feeling more whole, confident and free to be yourself while letting go of old stories and opening up to our fullest and most authentic potential right NOW.

Early Bird Specials

$200 off by April 8, 2020 (USE CODE EARLY200)

$100 off by July 8, 2020 (USE CODE EARLY 100)