Reiki, pronounced “rey-key” is a Japanese relaxation technique that can bring about deep relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, move emotional/energetic blocks and relieve pain and tension by increasing blood flow. Reiki energy triggers the body’s natural healing process to enhance one’s overall mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This practice can be done with or without hands-on contact, usually lying down on a massage table fully clothed. Throughout an hour-long session, I will typically offer non-invasive touch to the head and the front and the back of the torso, which can feel deeply comforting and relaxing for the Reiki receiver.

Reiki energy is unseen life force energy, some call is unconditional love, divine energy, pure consciousness… When our life force is low, we feel tired, sick and even depressed. A Reiki session is meant to increase life force energy leaving clients feeling more peaceful, calm, centered, clear and open– though every experience is different.

Reiki is gentle and safe for everyone. The effects are subtle though noticeable and for some people more so after a day or two. For me, when I have a Reiki session, I feel like I’ve had the dirt cleared out of my eyes. Reiki has helped me to deepen the love that I feel for myself and it is an honor to offer this healing modality to you.

Sessions can take place at Samadhi Golden Triangle studio or I can come to your home for your convenience.

Message me for a session

60-90 min session $75

4-pack (60-90 min) $275