About Me

Erin Wimert has been teaching yoga and barre full-time in Denver for 12 years. She specializes in Vinyasa (Beginners-Advanced), Yin and Yoga Nidra and runs the barre program and teacher trainings at Endorphin.  Teaching is Erin’s form of creative expression, it is a platform where she can create an experience, grounded in presence, for students to feel safe and become curious about getting to know their own hearts and minds. The sequences she designs, the language that she chooses and the music that she plays becomes a symphony of creation in real time, an expression and an offering of her most present self.

Erin has trained with and is deeply influenced by Annie Carpenter,  Rod Stryker, Amy Ippoliti and Jason Crandell.  Through her studies of mind and body, she provides detailed, yet accessible alignment cues to create purposeful adjustments, improving safety, efficacy and overall physical and mental performance. 

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