A poem to the man I love.

Your absence has opened my eyes to the reality of what you are to me. How can you be so far, yet I’ve never felt closer to you? I feel you in the deepest parts of me. I feel you shining from the center of my soul in every direction, in every color. I feel a constant buzz of excitement as if you had just looked at me that way that you do, that way that completely shatters everything in my field of vision, but you. That way that makes me gasp as if I were to say, “Oh my god, what IS this?!” The way that makes me feel like every ounce of love is expanding from my heart into everyone and everything,

You have taught me how to be the ruler of my own world. You bring a shine of brilliance to every space of my universe, our universe. You see me, not just my exterior, but deeper. You see yourself in me as you pulse through my veins and radiate from my heart. We are on same page, the exact same page, we are that little dot, that little speckle of existence on the exact same page where we are holding hands and making plans. I am you and you are me. We are consciousness intertwined, floating up toward the sky, past the stars, into the heavens, up, out and all around. We are the the space in between, connecting ourselves to each other. I see you in my dreams as I see you when I’m awake. It’s as if you’ve set up shop in both places. I don’t know where one ends and one begins, but I guess it doesn’t matter, I get to be with you and feel connected to us, you, my spiritual twin, the one who makes me feel as if my stomach is glowing with a saturation of unconditional love and the bright, glittering sparkle of bodhicitta.

We have completely stripped down the walls, they crumbled the moment our eyes met. You have seen my world, as if you’ve opened the top of my head and looked inside. You looked at it with a magnifying glass and never questioned how it worked. And for you, I do the same. I see you, I see us fusing together as one, as all, to color the limitlessness of our mind. Your mind. My mind. Us. This. This. This. All of it.